The FLCC Community

Finish Line is a unique non-denominational church with a heart for God and for people. We are not concerned about your past or where you have been, so that is why you will not receive judgement from us. We encourage people from every walk of life to be a part of this fellowship, regardless of any circumstances. In other words we are a great big family!

We officially invite you to check out what our community is all about!

Our Team

  • Shannon Williams

    Senior Pastor

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  • Ben John

    Youth Pastor

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  • Elizabeth John

    Administrative Assistant

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  • Bobby Bittle

    Worship Pastor

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  • BRAD Wilson

    Man - Up Men's Ministry DIrector

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  • Michelle Wilson

    Radical Praise ministry leader

    FLCC Kidz

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Contact INformation

Finish Line Christian Center

(980) 285-8334

108 North Main Street, Mount Holly, NC 28120

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