Are you New to FLCC?

Let us help you plan a visit

Welcome to Finish Line Christian Center! We are located at 108 North Main Street, Mount Holly, right in the Heart of downtown. Here are just a few things to expect on your first visit with us. We are not a traditional church nor do we have a traditional facility, it's actually a remodeled warehouse built in 1927 with blacked-out ceilings, a Beautiful rock stage, and just an overall rustic and industrial look. When you arrive you can find public parking in front of the building or we have our own parking in the rear of the building. Coming through either entrance you will be greeted with love, smiles, and friendly people.  You are welcome to find a seat in the sanctuary or go to the rear lobby for a free cup of coffee.  Children can be dropped off and registered for Finish Line Kidz Church starting at 10:40am. All Children will be checked in and given a number badge and you will have a matching one as well, if you are needed your child's number will be shown on the screen during service.

1. Don't look for people ALL DRESSED UP!  We have a comfortable and casual environment that allows you to enjoy your worship experience without trying to be someone your not.

2. Music is Anointed, Contemporary, & Uplifting!  We are proud of our music & have even written some of our own worship songs.  If you don't know the words, don't worry, they'll appear on one of three screens so you can follow along.  Feel free to clap your hands, raise your hands, and worship freely.  This is a judgement free zone.

3. No Clocks!  We put a premium on time spent in God's Presence and we do not set a schedule for God to work.  We DO flow in the Spirit and follow the leading of the Lord.

4. Preaching! It will be in your face, challenging, and will encourage you to be all you can be.  Jesus preached in this way and He had the greatest ministry on Earth!  The word will be relevant for your life and you won't be tempted to fall asleep.

Every First Time Visitor receives a free gift, just stop by the welcome center in the rear lobby. Please come with an open heart and expecting great things from God.  Stay around after service and meet Pastor Shannon, Pastor Dewey, or any of our Ministry Leaders!  Yes our Pastors are accessible to the people!  

Service Times: 

Sundays 11am

Wednesdays 7pm

Sunday & Wednesday Worship Experiences

You can expect friendly and authentic people, engaging and relevant music and worship, compelling preaching from the Bible, and an opportunity to encounter God. You will be encouraged and maybe even challenged.

Expect to hear about Jesus.

Expect honesty.

Expect exceptional love.

Weekly Service Times

Sunday Worship 11am

Wednesday Refuel Worship 7pm

108 North Main Street, Mount Holly NC 28120

Where & When

We are located in the Heart of beautiful downtown Mount Holly. Parking is plentiful behind the church, on the street, or in the Public Parking area across the street. Join us for a gathering!

Service Times

Every Sunday -  Supercharged  11:00am

Every Wednesday - ReFuel 7:00pm

FaithQuake Student Breakout 7:20pm

Our Location:

108 North Main Street, Mount Holly, NC 28120

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